A Black Adonis by Albert Ross

A Classic in African American Literature.

“You see!” he answered, bitterly. “Because I am black I cannot touch the hand of a woman that is white. And yet you say the Almighty made of one blood all nations of the earth!”

“Shirley Roseleaf, aspirant for literary fame, writes a novel which is rejected by the reader of a leading New York publishing house because it lacks realism. About this time Millicent Fern has the manuscript of her novel returned to her on account of bad diction. Seeing a literary future for the disappointed authors, Archibald Weil introduces them and advises them to write in collaboration. A story is the outcome, in which a negro plays a discreditable part.” -The Literary Era:, January, 1895

Linn Boyd Porter (1851-1916) who was widely known under the pen name of Albert Ross was a best-selling author of his day, “the most typical purveyor of literature to the masses now living in this country,” according to the New York Evening Post. Following his debut novel THOU SHALT NOT (1889), Porter published at least twenty-two novels, most of which appeared in the 1890’s. Among his most popular works was SPEAKING OF ELLEN … (1890), a reform novel inspired by Bellamy’s LOOKING BACKWARD, 2000-1887.


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