Relationships by MUNROE MYLES (Author)

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Relationships by MUNROE MYLES (Author)

With over one million books sold, Dr. Myles Munroe turns his expertise toward men and women, offering daily practical and biblical advice for relationships of all types. Based on several of his best-selling books, this year-long devotional will help you understand the God-given purpose of men and women and how you can better relate to the people in your life.Each days reading includes Dr. Munroes teaching and encouragement, while also providing a Scripture reading and prayers to help you grow closer to God in the process. Throughout the year, Dr. Munroe will address such critical issues as: How is a woman uniquely different from a man? What definition of masculinity should men adopt? Are women meant to be leaders?Whether you are a man or a woman, married or single, this devotional will help you understand the roles of men and women as God meant for them to be.



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